• 132,000 Uninsured AIANs (2012)
  • ​55,500(42%) under 138% of poverty
  • 59,000(45%) between 139 and 400% of poverty
  • 17,000 are over 400% of poverty 
  • up to 4-8% have individual "non group" insurance
  • 150,000 potential exchanges users

  • 132,000 are uninsured, nearly 20% of the total AIAN population. See UCLA report.
  • 55,000 of the uninsured are under 138% of poverty and eligible for MediCal in 2014-many already eligible with early expansion.
  • 60,000 of the uninsured are in the 138% to 400% of poverty range and possibly eligibile for subsidies in the exchange.  High estimate is over 80,000.
  • There is no poverty rate adjustment for the higher cost of living in Metropolitan CA despite a cost of living that is higher than Anchorage, Alaska in nearly all the 7 largest metros.
Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada  traditional summer home at Lake Tahoe 
Indian Country --- California
Fox (2011) Estimates 65,000 to 83,000 subsidy eligible, UCLA report does not report 80,000.
  • California has the largest AIAN population in the nation (660,000-700,000).  
  • 107 federally recognized tribes operate over 30 health programs throughout the state with many in rural areas, but some in urban centers as well. See map.
  • There are 80,000+ active IHS users.
  • The vast majority of Indian populuation (about 80%) are not members or descendents of the state's over 100 federally recognized tribes or other Indian descendents of the native people of California 
Analysis of Heath Care Reform Impact on California's AIANs
CoveredCalifornia Draft Model QHP contract
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Uninsured 18-25 years US and California
  • Medicaid Expansion Estimates 2013.
  • $233 million in new payments for AIANs if all eligibles gain Medicaid coverage.
California has over 4,000 AIANs enrolled in Qualified Health Plans
In 2013, 120,000 American Indians and Alaska Natives were Uninsured, the second largest number of uninsured in the Nation.
Uninsured AIANs in CA metropolitan areas 
$211 million in new payments for AIAN's health services if all eligibles gained QHP coverage.