2010 Census &  American Community Survey
​No longer updated as of January 2018

  • Since the 2008 survey the American Community Survey provides never before available insurance estimates for states with Indian Populations including all 33 states with federally recognized Tribes & large Urban Indian Populations.  5 year data provides estimates for states, metropolitan areas, and counties, with Indian populations of just 20,000.
  •   American Indian Alaska Native alone and in combination is used in nearly all cases on this website-where Alone is used it is clearly indicated.
  • The US Census continues to produce reports, such as the 2014 Aging report, that do not use alone and in combination and instead report on Indian alone to the detriment of understanding the impact of aging on Indian communities.
  • American Indian Alaska Native "Alone" simply means respondent only indicated one 'race'  vs. "Alone and in Combination" which means respondent indicated AIAN AND one or more other races.  
  • Alone and in Combination is more useful for research and planning purposes and it more accurately represents the insurance status of AIANs.
  •    2012 ACS AIAN Population and Health Insurance for all States and United States 
  • Health Insurance estimates at these websites:
  • This analysis of the ACA's impact on Indian Health was developed for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid's Tribal Advisory Group.

  • There are over 1.2 million uninsured AIANs only 1 in 50 of the nation's uninsured.  WIthout an agressive outreach effort to overcome the unique barriers AIAN face, the percentage of the uninsured who are AIAN could double in 2019.

  • 12 State ACA Indian Data Project (later expanded to 33 states with funding from CMS/IHS/NIHB/CRIHB) (Ed Fox and Verne Boerner).
  • Reports developed from data provided by the National Data Research effort of the California Rural Indian Health Board.

January 2012 release of 2010 Census Data for AIANs
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  • Income and Insurance Data at the Public Use Microdata level (PUMA)

Enroll America's FAQs for ACS data
  • Additional Tables on Insurance and Income Status
See August 2013 Medicaid Expansion report at Kaiser Family Foundation with Urban Institute for benefit of 50 state and District  expansion
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