Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine
Insurance and Income Data
Connecticut Presentation included Indian Provisions
  • Consultation Policies
  • New York see-below
  • Nearly all states reported consulting with tribes in their exchange planning reports, but few have meaningful interactions. Often this is perceived as 'getting along.' Likewise sometimes conflict is misinterpreted as not doing a good job consulting when in fact conflict is nearly inevitable and therefore a sign that consultation is more robust in states with reported conflict.  
  • Unfortunately, failure to consult properly can result in an impasse that is usually due to the failure to consult.
  • Conflict is often how differences are identified and how intensity is measured when the purpose of the consultation is of importance to the parties in consultation. Thumbnail to right is what some might consider consultation, but notification is not consultation. No conflict is only one measure of success.
Consultation: the record in states with IHS-funded health programs.
PowerPoint (image) and PDF (click text) for each state
Suggested Citation: Website,  Health Care Reform for American Indians and Alaska Natives, Ed Fox, 2013
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Explanation of these Medicaid expansion estimates (made in 2011) are in the Health Care Reform:  Tracking Tribal, Federal,and State Implementation
Medicaid Expansion Estimates 2013 NIHB report on Medicaid Expansion and AIANs.
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