• IN 2012 an estimated 22,000-24,000 AIANs are uninsured (based on 3 yr 2010-2012 data)
  • Nearly 11,000 of the 2012 uninsured were under 139% of poverty and undoubtably eligible for Medicaid in 2014.  This is 71% of all uninsured under 400% of FPL.
  • 15,000 are under 200% of FPL and eligible for the state Basic Health Program.
  • 8,000 are between 138% and 400% of poverty and likely eligible for subsidies to purchase health insurance through the exchange. 
  • Minnesota's American Indians are more often in poverty than similar states such as Washington or Oregon.  
  • This presentation compares Minnesota's health insurance status and income distribution to  other states of California, Oregon, and Washington.  
  • Minnesota has received a level one exchange establishment grant.  An executive order by the Governor established the exchange. 
  •  It has one of the best records of engagement with Indian tribes.
  • Minnesota passed Exchange Governance Legislation March 20, 2013
  • and the bill ncludes a requirement that QHPs utilize Indian Addendum  in contracts with Indian health programs, beginning Jan 2015.
  • Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa
  • The most advanced tribal sponsorship program in the nation
  • Total Coverage program highlights to role of marketplace plan in the spectrum of coverage.
  • Their sponsorship planning tool is used by Tribal Nations throughout the United States.

  • Uninsured AIANs in Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
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Explanation of these Medicaid expansion estimates (made in 2011) are in the Health Care Reform:  Tracking Tribal, Federal,and State Implementation