• Most of Idaho's 10-11,000 uninsured AIANs will be "potentially" eligible for Medicaid or Exchange subsidies 
  • Without Medicaid expansion many will be without insurance option.
  • 6,200 uninsured are between 100% and 400% exchange-subsidy eligible.
  • About 900 are over 400% and do not have insurance (note, this estimate could very by 25% either way).  
  • Estimates in Idaho vary more than most states due to small sample size.
  • Presentation (PPT AND PDF) on Health Insurance Status and Income of AIANs in Idaho -Fox-Boerner Database
Lake Couer d'Alene
Coeur d'Alene Tribe
  • Medicaid Expansion's impact on State's lowest income families.  It will be on legislature's agenda next year.
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