• Medicaid Expansion Passed 2015 with bipartisan support
  • Governor, Dems, and 11 Republicans support 
  • Governor Supported Medicaid Expansion in his Budget.
  • Legislature did not support Expansion 
  • “The Montana Budget and Policy Center is willing to grant to any not-for-profit organization permission to use this report, in part or in whole, as a template for similar reports in other states. MBPC asks that anyone using the report let Laura John (ljohn@montanabudget.org) at MBPC know and credit MBPC appropriately.”

PowerPoint (image) and PDF (click text) for each state
  Montana and Wyoming
This Montana chart depicts current payments to Indian health programs -from 2013 budget report.
Medicaid Expansion Estimates 2013 NIHB report on Medicaid Expansion and AIANs.
  • 13,000 American Indians likely eligible for Medicaid coverage with expansion.
  • February 1, 2017 report on HELP program indicates 9,916 AIANs enrolled.