• Medicare Part A coverage reaches over 90% of AIANs 65 or older, 130,000 nationwide, but it is unknown what % have Medicare Part B/C/D
  • 73% of all AIAN Medicare enrollees are 65 or older
  • 27% are under 65, a rate far higher than any other race, due to higher rates of diabetes and disability.

WA Medicare; 6,000 of our IHS active users have Medicare         
Medicare: From KFF report 2014
There is no out of pocket limit for Medicare Part B, (standard plan pays just 80% of cost) as there typically is for Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage Plans.
  • Many WA tribes:
  • reimburse for Medicare Part B ($134 month), pay directly for Part D (about $40 -$70 per month or more) 
  • and some also buy supplement plans ($125 per month) OR Medicare Advantage (low cost MA plans available in metropolitan areas like I-5 corridor).
Dual Eligibles by IHS Access for Portland Area
CRIHB, University of Colorado Diabetes Report
Medicare Data reveals how different the age distribution is for AIANs in Medicare