New Mexico
  • 84,000 (2012) American Indians are uninsured (see chart 70,000 2013)
  • 37,000 uninsured are under 138% of poverty
  • 37,000 between 139 and 400% of poverty (yes same as under 139%

  • New Mexico "primer" for Native Americans and exchange
  • New Mexico report calls for a Native American Service Center staffed by director and 2 staff
  • New Mexico supports Tribal Navigators

  • New Mexico will support full Medicaid Expansion
  • New Mexico's Governor Martinez signed Exchange Bill Legislation 
  • New Mexico Medicaid expansion approved.
Suggested Citation: Website,  Health Care Reform for American Indians and Alaska Natives, Ed Fox, 2015
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Free and unlimited use granted, citation appreciated
Explanation of these Medicaid expansion estimates (made in 2011) are in the Health Care Reform:  Tracking Tribal, Federal,and State Implementation
PPT click image and spreadsheet click here.
Medicaid Expansion Estimates 2013 NIHB report on Medicaid Expansion and AIANs.
  • 2013   70,000 American Indians and Alaska Natives are Uninsured, the 4th largest number of uninsured in the Nation.
2011 & 2013 Compared to 2014 ACS Insurance Coverage Estimates for American Indians and Alaska Natives, compiled by Ed Fox, 2014 for 24 States (all with over 65,000 AIANs)